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Business Process Improvement:

Dynawise focuses on the definition, optimization and continuous improvement of business processes. Repeatable, consistent practices are encouraged as a means to high performance and “operating excellence”. DI has a network of seasoned consultants with deep experience in the 'operating side' of companies, such as daily plant and field operations, capital program development and execution and the associated change management challenges of front line workers and leaders.

Our experience and tool kit includes Total Quality Management, Process Mapping, Six Sigma. We carefully balance the quantitative analytical aspects of business improvement with the human and change management elements.

Workforce Planning:

Dynawise works with major employers to help understand their current demographic profile of their workforce, and more importantly how this will likely change as a result of internal and external workforce developments. Our unique business dynamics modeling tools provide particular insights into the recruiting and productivity impacts of different strategic alternatives.

Dynawise has unmatched strengths and tools to rigorously and quantitatively analyze the effectiveness of a company’s workforce for a variety of different scenarios. This will take into account hiring practices as well as various HR investment strategies for retention, training and development. This helps the client’s leadership team to develop hard business cases for a variety of workforce strategies. This practice area is supported by a diverse team of Dynawise associates with experience in HR Executive roles as well as business leadership, modeling and strategy development.

Dynawise also works in partnership with PetroLMI, CAPP, PSAC, and CADOC to provide the Canadian Oil and Gas Labour Forecasts.

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