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Core Values

Values In Action


Our Mission

"To help our clients achieve business efficiency and effectiveness through improved business processes":

  • By melding multi-disciplinary teams of highly skilled practitioners in the pursuit of results

  • Using insightful analysis, re-usable frameworks and models, applied creativity and holistic change management practices

Our Vision

"Dynawise is recognized for innovative delivery of integrated business improvement services":

  • Innovative: customized vs. cookie cutter, tailored solutions, systems thinking and synthesis, incremental delivery, thoughtful action, experimental, rapid prototyping, encourage ambiguity to foster discovery

  • Integrated: address process, people and technology, work across silos, technical/systems integration, holistic approach to business improvement

  • Services: business analysis, training and change management, process mapping, process optimization, application development and system integration, implementation strategies, system dynamic analysis, business and technology strategies

Our Core Values

  • Truth and honesty, tempered with tact

  • Integrity

  • Constructive creativity and innovation

  • Flexibility and serendipity

  • Open agenda

Our Values in Action

  • We look out for the interest of our clients

  • We value the opinion of, and seek trust from, all levels of the organization

  • We link across the "white spaces"

  • We nurture confidence in our people and clients

  • We focus on long term relationships and value these above short term profit

  • We nurture a learning organization